Whether You’re The Injured Worker Or The Company With An Injured Employee, A Workers Compensation Attorney Is Needed

by | Aug 14, 2015 | Workers Compensation Attorney

If a serious injury occurs during the course of a workday, employers are responsible for maintaining a Workers Compensation insurance policy on the employees. This policy is designed to pay for medical bills and lost wages due to the injury. Workers compensation insurance if relatively expensive and employers prefer to limit the amount of claims on the policy to keep the rates low. Companies do not want to pay bills that are not as a result of an injury on the job either. A Workers compensation attorney is capable of representing the injured party or can represent a company in a claim for Workers compensation.

A company should not try to negotiate out anything with an employee to settle a case. They should not attempt to deny a claim they know is legitimate. An employee should report their injury to his or her supervisor when the accident occurs. Leaving work with an injury and not reporting it could leave the company open to claim the injury wasn’t received during work. Workers compensation is a guaranteed limited benefit to assist the employee with lost wages and medical benefits after an injury has occurred. Even if an injury is minor, it’s still recommended to consult with an attorney in case something should change with the injury.

A Workers compensation attorney will not give legal advice during a consultation. The attorney can review the case and verify that the injured party received all of the benefits they were eligible for under the plan. They can also review the settlement letter an employer may have supplied the employee. Workers compensation law can be like a maze trying to find a path and this is why an attorney should be contacted. Many of the laws favor the insurance companies and the employers. Understanding these laws gives the victim options for receiving the benefits they’re entitled to.

Business Name has been representing workers and companies in the area of Workers compensation. The knowledge and experience of representing both sides of the law assists in crafting the best options available to both sides of the law. Don’t be left to sort out of the pieces of a Worker’s compensation claim when they can sort out of the legal pieces much more easily.

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