Why Having An Estate Planning Attorney In Attorney Ann Arbor MI Is Key In The Planning Process

by | Jun 8, 2021 | Law

Planning for the future always sounds like a great idea until people realize that this often includes planning for what will happen when they pass away. Still, as a person makes more money, garners more assets, and watches their family grow year after year, it becomes of greater importance for a person to sort out the distribution of their assets and figure out how family members will be taken care of after their death. While a person could technically accomplish this on their own, there is significant merit in hiring an estate planning attorney for help instead. Read on for a brief overview of the key role that an attorney plays in the estate planning process.

While wills and trusts can provide similar benefits, it’s important for people to realize that they are not the same thing. Will allow people to simply designate a guardian for a minor or name property beneficiaries while trusts are a little more complex but can allow families to bypass legal battles after a loved one’s death. For some people, a will is just fine. Others may need the legal protection of a trust, and some may need both. An Estate Planning Attorney In Ann Arbor MI can help families make a sound decision about which will best suit their needs so that there won’t be any unwelcome legal surprises later on.

Estate planning is a complicated process with so much to consider, including taxes, medical care, children, asset distribution, and more. An Estate Planning Attorney Ann Arbor MI can help families make sure that they cover all of their bases during the planning process. They can also help the family avoid paperwork or filing mistakes that could end up jeopardizing their will or trust.

After death, a person will not have any additional chances to make sure that their wishes are carried out just like they wanted. For that reason, it is important for those who don’t have an estate plan to get one as soon as possible. Hiring an attorney for help with the process not only saves time and frustration, but it is also the wise thing to do. Get in touch with Hermanowski Law and his legal team to learn more about how an estate planning lawyer can help families gain peace of mind that things will be taken care of no matter what comes their way.

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