Why More Individuals Choose to Hire a Lawyer When Filing a Social Security Disability Claim in Tulsa, OK

The federal government offers Social Security Disability Insurance to individuals with medical conditions that prevent them from working on a regular basis. However, obtaining the right to collect a disability source of income is not easy, and it is estimated that up to ninety-eight percent of all claims are denied. Fortunately, there are ways to appeal a final ruling and use the court system to obtain the money needed to maintain a positive quality of life. The following is a look at why it is recommended to hire an attorney when filing a Social Security disability claim in Tulsa, OK.

Free Case Evaluation

Most applicants are leery of hiring an attorney out of a fear they will not be able to afford the fees. Most lawyers are aware of the financial difficulties that a person faces when filing for disability benefits and will provide their services without requiring an upfront retainer. Instead, they will review a case for free and only get paid when a person is successfully approved for their benefits.

Appeal Submission

Once an initial application for disability benefits is denied, the challenging process of filing for an appeal will begin. Not only does it require the submission of several documents, but it is crucial to add statements from medical professionals to add credibility to a case. An attorney will work with the client to streamline the process of appealing a denied Social Security disability claim in Tulsa, OK.

Court Representation

In most instances, a case will move to the court system, and a judge will determine whether a person meets the requirements for disability payments. It is imperative to let an attorney represent the person, as they will know how to maneuver the court system and will speak on their client’s behalf. Don’t face a judge and a federal attorney alone when a disability lawyer will be there to offer support and guidance with each step of the process.

If a person is not able to work and has been denied social security disability in the past, don’t fret. The legal professionals at the Social Security Law Center specialize in disability claims and fight to get their clients the money they deserve. Visit Website.com to learn more or call to schedule a free disability claim evaluation.