Why You Should Hire a Social Security Lawyer

by | Apr 17, 2019 | Lawyer

You can get Social Security benefits on or after the age of 65, depending on when you were born. And you can apply early at age 62, but you’ll earn significantly less. The problem comes when you can no longer work and you’re under 62 because of an injury or ailment. That’s when you may need a Social Security lawyer to help you. That said, here are some key advantages to hiring a Social Security lawyer.

Assist Your With Filing

You’ll need to provide a lot of information to Social Security for your disability claim. In most cases, your Social Security lawyer from Aurora will take all of your information over the phone and fill the forms out simultaneously. She’ll then submit the forms to the Social Security office to commence the process.

Experience on Your Side

Most Social Security lawyers spend most of their days in court, handling disability claims. As a result, they have expertise in knowing how to answer the judge’s questions and help explain your ailment and situation.

Ease Your Mind

You’ll probably have a lot of anxiety when you apply for disability, fearing you’ll lose and end up on the street. Your Social Security lawyer from Aurora can alleviate your stress by explaining the claim process and encouraging you to remain proactive throughout the process.

Be an Advocate at Hearings

You’ll want your lawyer present if you get a hearing, as she can instruct you how to dress and act during the hearing. She’ll also be there to assist you in case you forget some key facts.

Help You Win

A Social Security lawyer in Aurora can dramatically increase your chances of winning your disability case. For one thing, she can counter what the vocational expert says, as this person is there to help the Social Security judge. The vocational expert, for example, may mention six jobs you could do, but your attorney would then argue that your condition precludes you from doing such work.

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