Workers’ Comp Attorneys Provide Relief for Injured New Haven County Employees

by | Dec 6, 2011 | Law

When seeking a workers’ comp attorney New Haven Countyresidents should know a little about what the law states concerning worker’s compensation. There are several ways employees can be hurt while working and an equal amount of misconceptions as to what is covered by workers’ compensation. Taking the time to speak to a workers’ compensation attorney could be the best decision a person makes if they believe they have been injured while on the job.

Workers Compensation Attorney

Workers Compensation Attorney

The most common type of injury that workers’ comp covers is one resulting from a specific incident. Examples of this type of injury are those sustained from a fall, lifting a heavy object or by machine malfunctions. In cases where there is a specific injury the law is very clear as to the employee rights. It is also very easy to prove and provide documentation. Many people believe incorrectly that these are the only types of injuries that workers’ compensation will cover.

Other injuries sustained from years of repetitive movements and actions can also be covered by workers’ com. These might be in the form of joint damage, carpal tunnel syndrome, hearing or vision loss or even back and neck damage. While harder to prove the victims of these long-term injuries deserve compensation. It is highly recommended that residents of New Haven County who believe they have received injuries from years of hard work contact a workers’ compensation attorney to see if they qualify for benefits. Time is of the essence in these cases.

Many people never seek compensation for damages because of pre-existing conditions and fear of retribution. They believe these pre-existing conditions will prevent them from receiving medical care on the employer’s dime. While it is much more difficult to prove those with pre-existing conditions can still be injured on the job and should not be discriminated against simply because of health issues prior to the incident. Employees seeking workers comp can also not be discriminated against because of seeking compensation. Any employee who has been adversely affected at work for seeking workers’ compensation has a right to lost wages, their job (if lost) and all the benefits they had prior to filing the claim.

Unlike many areas of the law workers’ compensation can get tricky. Hiring an attorney who truly understands Connecticut law as it pertains to workers’ compensation will guarantee that those injured while working will get a fair amount of compensation for their injuries. Before deciding whether or not to pursue legal action for injuries all employees should confer with a personal injury attorney to see if they qualify. Understanding the law and their rights is the first steps New Haven residents should take in their road to recovery. Because of workers’ comp attorneys New Haven County employees injured while on the job can receive the care and treatment they deserve.

Those injured while working or suffering from years of hard work should seek workers’ comp attorney New Haven County expertise in explaining rights. For more details, visit dhctlaw

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