Working Out Custody Arrangements During a Divorce

by | Nov 21, 2013 | Law

Divorce proceedings are made more difficult when children are involved because many times both parents want equal custody of the children, even though one feels he or she deserves custody more than the other. In an ideal world, parents would happily agree to a shared custody arrangement, but as any Charleston custody lawyer will tell you, it’s rarely that easy. Divorce often takes years to finalize, and one of the main arguments divorcing couples have is over the children.

The Court Works for the Child

When it comes to child custody cases, the court works in the best interest of the child. If a child has been staying full time with mom during the divorce because dad is rarely around, a judge will take that into consideration, even if dad is fighting for joint custody. The court will also look at each parent’s background, including criminal history, alcohol and drug use, and current financial situation. Working with a Charleston custody lawyer is important because you need to have access to your spouse’s background information, including information that you may not have been aware of during the marriage. Only an attorney can get the evidence you need to prove that you should have the custody arrangement you want.

Child Support Payments

Another aspect involved with custody disputes is child support payments. How much money should you expect? Will your ex-spouse be required to pay for medical and dental expenses? What happens if your spouse stops paying? Most people aren’t able to build a case and determine the amount of money to request during custody disputes. An experienced Charleston custody lawyer knows how to organize evidence and fight for child support so that you get the money you need to provide for your child.

Supervised Visits

In some custodial cases, one parent isn’t rewarded any custody but rather supervised visits. These visits happen on a specific schedule and only when there is a court-appointed representative supervising the visit. This can happen if a parent has a history of violence or abuse, has recently undergone treatment for drugs or alcohol, or has in any way provided an unstable or unsafe environment for the child. Supervised visits may not last throughout the child’s younger years, and your ex-spouse could file for some form of custody in the future. That’s why it’s important to have a Charleston custody lawyer who is familiar with your case and can help you with future custody disputes. Visit Charleston Lawyer for more information.

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