2 Situations Where You May Need An Estate Attorney in Naples, Florida

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Attorney

Estate planning is the process in which an individual is preparing and arranging the management of their estate while they are alive. There are several things that are involved during estate planning like tax implications, asset division, and more. Here are 2 situations where you may need the services of an estate attorney.

Family Dynamics

When a loved one passes, family dynamics can change. This means that a close-knit family could begin arguing with each other over property when there is not a will to clarify the division of assets. An estate attorney will be beneficial during this situation, as they can help create an organized will while ensuring that any final wishes are administered and executed according to the person’s instructions.


As mentioned, taxes are a big part of estate planning. This means navigating income tax, gift transfer tax, estate tax, and more. Utilizing the services of an estate attorney will be beneficial during this situation, as they will have the ability to offer sound legal advice on these types of financial complexities.

Searching for a Professional

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