Easy, Fast, No Credit Check Bail Bonds Process in North Richland Hills

A high bail amount and lack of funds are a terrible twosome. Having to pass a credit check to secure a bail bond makes bonding out of jail more difficult or, for some, impossible. Luckily, a no credit check bail bonds process in North Richland Hills makes it easy for anyone to secure a bail bond for quick pre-trial jail release.

Credit Checks for Bail Bonds?

A bail bond makes the bond agent and any co-signers responsible to pay full bail if the defendant flees. To protect themselves, some bond agencies require bail bond applicants to meet certain criteria, with gainful employment and fair-to-good credit at the top of the list.

What happens to people with bad credit who need a bail bond for themselves or a loved one? Often, they don’t get a bail bond. However, a no credit check bail bond levels the playing field, letting defendants or third parties with less-than-perfect credit secure a bail bond.

The Bail Bond Process

The bail bond process is straightforward in most counties. To get started, the bond agent needs the defendant’s charge, detention location, booking number, full name, and bail amount. The bail bond cost is the premium, a nonrefundable bond agent’s fee, amounting to roughly 10 to 15% of the full bail. Acceptable payment forms include cash, credit cards, and in some cases, collateral. After posting the bail bond at the court, defendants can expect to be released in as little as 45 minutes to 48 hours.

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