An Online Living Will Attorney in Orange County, NY Provides Families with Peace of Mind

by | Dec 10, 2015 | Lawyers

Living wills are documents that may be included in a person’s estate plan. This document outlines the individual’s wishes when it comes to his or her end-of-life care, as this helps to ensure all family members and medical providers understand what medical care is desired and what measures aren’t to be undertaken. This document, when properly prepared, is legally binding and cannot be overridden. Individuals wishing to prepare a document of this type should consult with an Online Living Will Attorney Orange County NY to ensure the document meets all legal requirements.

When a person nears the end of their life, family members may disagree as to the type of care they need. Terri Schiavo is a good example of when a living will becomes of great benefit. The family engaged in a long, drawn-out battle over whether or not to discontinue her feeding tube, with her husband ultimately winning in court. The feeding tube was then removed and Ms. Schiavo passed away, with her family loudly declaring this would not be what she wanted. A person can prevent this type of fight by creating the living will document.

The document clearly states exactly what the person wishes to happen in the event they become mentally incapacitated. The document may state the person does not want to be resuscitated or that they don’t wish to be placed on life support. Others may declare they don’t wish to have any medical care that would extend their life. The types of treatments desired are listed in the document, such as dialysis and blood transfusions, allowing families to open a discussion before this time arrives. Ugly, emotional disputes can be avoided with the preparation of a living will.

An Online Living Will Attorney Orange County NY, such as Mark Aberasturi, can be of great help in preparing this document. The lawyer answers any questions the person may have about this document and ensures the living will meets all legal criteria, which helps to prevent disputes that may arise. It is better for every individual to consult an attorney when preparing a document of this type for their estate plan. Every person should have a document of this type as it helps those who are dealing with emotional decisions know what to do for the person they love. It eliminates any doubts, questions or concerns and provides peace of mind during a difficult time.

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