Consult a Family Court Attorney in Commack, NY Before Filing for an Order of Protection

by | Dec 14, 2015 | Family Law

Conflicts in intimate relationships can sometimes get out of control and become violent. When one or both of the adults in the altercation are parents, their first priority should be to keep their children safe. In some cases, doing so requires separating, at least temporarily, from the other person. This can be very emotional for everyone involved. People who fear their partner will harm them or their children may be able to get assistance from the court with an order of protection.

This type of court order prevents the violent person from making contact with their spouse or partner while the order is in place. Violation of the order could result in incarceration. Once a judge issues an order of protection, police are required to enforce it. Having this in hand will give a domestic violence victim time to think without their spouse pressuring them to make a decision. Some people choose to get divorced after an episode of domestic violence while others choose to counsel. This decision is personal and shouldn’t be rushed into.

The court process can be intimidating for people who don’t know what to expect. A family court attorney in Commack, NY may walk their client step-by-step through the process so they will be prepared to talk to the judge. This hearing is unrelated to any criminal charges, but the person accused of the abuse has a right to be there tell their side of the story. It’s important for anyone seeking an order of protection to remain calm and clearly state their concerns to the court.

When requesting an order of protection, a domestic violence victim has the right to be represented by a family court attorney in Commack, NY. These attorneys have experience in these types of cases and are familiar with the rules, as well as the informal expectations, of family court judges. Having a lawyer from the Law Office of Ronald S. Zimmer may give a person some peace of mind during this confusing and emotional time in their life. After the order of protection has been issued, a lawyer will help their client determine the next steps to take in their relationship.

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