Automobile Accident Attorneys: The Best Choice for Injured Pedestrians

by | Apr 9, 2013 | Accident Attorney

Were you a pedestrian involved in an auto accident? Do you feel the driver is responsible for the injuries you’ve sustained? If you’re able to show that the driver is liable, you’ll likely be considered eligible for compensation. Accidents involving pedestrians can naturally be very serious, and can often be attributed to negligence on the driver’s part. Depending on the speed of the driver, the pedestrian could be facing extensive injuries or possible death. Automobile accident attorneys can help you prove liability, and retrieve the compensation to which you are rightfully entitled.

Factors in Determining Fault
The fault of the driver is determined by whether or not they were acting negligently, i.e. disregarding traffic laws and/or not paying attention to their surroundings. For example, if you were crossing the street at a crosswalk and were hit by someone talking on the phone while driving, they’ll likely be considered at fault for your injuries because they were acting carelessly. Even if you’re believed to have contributed to the accident, some states will allow you to receive some form of compensation for your injuries. For example, the driver will not be held entirely responsible for the accident if instead of using the crosswalk, you chose to cross illegally.

What Happens Next?
If you feel the driver was 100% responsible for the accident, it may be time to hire an attorney to represent you. Personal injury lawyers are trained to handle insurance claims and settlement calculations, and will see to it that you receive fair compensation for the injury you’ve acquired. Any medical bills you may have, medications you’re being prescribed, and lost wages due to missed work will be accounted for in your settlement. Local automobile accident attorneys, Tucson, AZ legal professionals specifically, can help remove the hassle of dealing with insurance companies and legal proceedings, so that you can recover in peace.

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