Choosing the right truck accident attorney in Las Vegas

by | Feb 27, 2013 | Law

Being in a vehicle accident of any sort can result in serious injury. With the weight and mass of a truck, the potential for injury and perhaps death are much greater. When you choose the right truck accident attorney in Las Vegas, at Gazda & Tadayon they will help you in receiving maximum compensation.

When you have been involved in an accident involving a heavy truck, the potential of long-term disability is considerably more than it is with a car accident. Your vehicle will likely be written off and need replacing, but you may suffer long-term pain, inconvenience and loss of income, not to discount emotional discomfort. Litigating a case of this nature is quite complex and it will be necessary to have the best truck accident attorney in Las Vegas to take full advantage of every law that can be applied in getting your maximum compensation.

Will it be necessary to hire a truck accident attorney?

The chance of success if you decide to pursue the case without legal representation is remote at best. You will be pitted against the best lawyers the trucking company and its insurance company can come up with. These lawyers are being paid a healthy fee to see to it that any award is minimized, and they will baffle the likely use every trick they can think of against non-lawyers. The lawyer you select must be an expert in personal injury cases with considerable experience in prosecuting the negligent party, whether it is the driver, the company or both. The case will be tried under tort law, which is extremely complex and not understood by many outside the legal profession. Your lawyer will have to be the best; you can bet the defense will have the best as well.

What compensation can be expected?

When a case is filed in court, the lawyers of the trucking company’s insurer will want to go toe to toe with the prosecuting attorney. The fact that the insurance company’s litigators are seasoned trial lawyers increases the challenge that your lawyer must face. Trying to get compensation from an insurance company is difficult at the best of times, but when you are represented by the best, a competent attorney that knows his stuff, the lawyers of the insurance company as well as the judge will take the case seriously. When you hire the best truck accident attorney in Las Vegas at Gazda & Tadayon you can be assured that they will not about to be intimidated by the opposition.

Attempting to pre-determine the award is difficult. The physical injuries you suffered the amount of income you lost and the trauma suffered by yourself, and your family will all be taken into account. Your experienced attorney will have a reasonable idea of the compensation, and he will fight for it on your behalf.

A truck accident attorney in Las Vegas will have specific experiences and legal knowledge which will help him maximize on the award you deserve. The attorneys at Gazda & Tadayon are well seasoned, having over 40 years dedicated to supporting their clients and having received the highest possible rating, “AV”, from the very attorneys they will be fighting against.

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