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by | Mar 4, 2013 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Waukegan Disability Law is a division of Nash Disability law located in Waukegan, Wisconsin. The division operates on the same grounds as the Chicago division and the lawyers work through the same processes. The goal of this firm is to help those who have not received disability benefits from Social Security for reasons that are unjust. The clients come to Waukegan Disability Law to ask for assistance in fighting Social Security for the benefits that they deserve.

Before the Waukegan disability lawyers can begin the process, they must have representatives of the company review clients’ claims and converse with the clients to listen to their stories and evaluate if they have a claim to rival Social Security’s decision to deny the client benefits. Once the representatives have made their decision, they appoint an attorney to the client (only if they have been approved of course) and begin to put together a plan of action as to how the attorney will approach the hearing. The lawyer obtains medical records from the client’s doctor and puts together supporting evidence to back up their claim to deserving the benefits. Once the lawyer has gathered all the information he or she needs to make his or her case, a hearing is scheduled and the lawyer begins to discuss what will occur in the hearing with the client. Once the client has memorized his or her testimony and is familiar with what will go on at the hearing, both lawyer and client attend the hearing. The lawyer argues the client’s case until he or she and the judge can negotiate an agreement. When an agreement is reached, the client is informed of how much of the benefits he or she has been granted and how long it will take to receive them.

Nash Disability Law has made it their priority to look out for the people. They recognize that the majority of people who apply for disability benefits from Social Security do not receive them and strive to put a stop to it. They work with clients on a daily basis to evaluate their claims and work on a case that will win them the benefits they deserve. Also, the fee they change is waived if they lose the case, so there are little to no negative side effects for a client interested in seeking out the company for help. Overall, Nash Disability Law is a people-oriented firm that has made it their goal to work for the people, not the government.




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