Creating A Living Will in Bucks County

by | Nov 18, 2013 | Lawyers

A living will is also referred to as an advance directive and informs family members and medical staff of your wishes should you be unable to speak for yourself. This can include anything from declining even the most basic life sustaining treatments such as CPR to more long term issues such as feeding tubes or advanced life support. It is always a good idea to include your family, especially those you expect will be in the decision-maker roles, in the creation of your living will. While it will be laid out in the document, family members will undoubtedly be going through emotional turmoil while making these calls, and it will help if they are able to recall the conversation you had with them regarding your wishes.

A living will is exceedingly important, both to the person creating it and those who will be responsible for making decisions regarding life-prolonging treatment. A living will is the only legally binding way for an individual to make his or her wishes regarding treatment and end of life care known. Creating a Living Will in Bucks County is as easy, or as hard, as you choose to make it. When making decisions regarding what is arguably one of the most important documents a patient can possess, many choose to turn to a professional while others try to do it themselves.

If you choose to take the professional route and need advice on how to begin on your Living Will in Bucks County, it is recommended that you visit Creating an advance directive on your own is certainly an option, but when your life literally could hinge on this document one day, a professional evaluation is highly recommended. Due to constant changes within the health care system, an individual can never know what wording is preferred, or even accepted, in an application like this. Additionally, professionals can provide more information on how to properly file the living will and make sure it is available to every person who may need it in the event of an accident or illness in which you are incapacitated. Though life support, CPR requirements, and end of life care are things that no individual wants to think about, this document is a necessity for everyone.


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