Your Injury Lawyer In Charlottesville, VA is There for You

by | Nov 19, 2013 | Personal Injury

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, it is important for you to remember that you don’t have to go through this alone. After all, you are going to be dealing with another driver who is going to be very angry because you are holding them accountable for their bad behavior. They are most likely going to have their own lawyer who is going to work hard to get you to settle out of the courtroom. Basically, they are going to try to get you to accept an offer so that the judge doesn’t look at your case. Sometimes, this can be a very reasonable offer. However, you don’t have any experience at looking at a case and determining whether or not you can get more money. This is why you want to set up an appointment with an Injury Lawyer In Charlottesville, VA.

The professionals at Dulaney Lauer & Thomas understand what you are going through. They understand how much money you are legally entitled to. They also understand what they need to do to make sure that you get everything you deserve. They will talk to you about your rights. They will also let you know what to expect both in and out of the courtroom. They will talk to the judge for you. They will also talk to other lawyers so that this process can be over with as fast as possible.

Keep in mind that car accident injuries can be lifelong. This is yet one more reason why you don’t want to settle out of the courtroom. Imagine for a moment, if you were to settle out of court, you may end up with more health problems a few years later. If it wasn’t included in your lawsuit, you may have to pay for these health problems yourself. Don’t take any chances at going through this alone. Contact an Injury Lawyer In Charlottesville, VA who will help you as much as possible. This is a frustrating process and you probably don’t have a lot of patience especially when you are dealing with health problems and medical bills. Turn your problems over to someone else and move on with your life. Visit us at

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