Defining State And Federal Boat Accident Laws Through Lawyers In Hattiesburg, MS

The state of Mississippi regulates the proper use, operational laws, and safety standards pertaining to boats and other motorized vessels. The state laws define the circumstances, criminal penalty, civil liability of boating accidents. Federal laws apply within accidents which lead to the potential of litigation. All laws, whether state or federal, are enforced. If you were the victim in a boating accident, you should schedule a consultation with Lawyers in Hattiesburg MS today.

Federal Laws for Boating Accidents

According to federal laws, all boating accidents should be reported. If the operator is unable to file a report with the state, the owner of the vessel or a family member is required to submit the claim. This includes instances in which the operator dies, disappears, or is severely injured. This applies heavily to accidents in which more than $2,000 worth of medical costs or property restoration is necessary. A state accident report is also required if the boat is destroyed and considered a total loss. If you were injured while traveling via vessel, you should contact lawyers immediately.


Safety Equipment and Requirements

After an accident, your Lawyers in Hattiesburg MS determine whether or not the vessel contained the necessary safety equipment as outlined by state laws. This includes life jackets, first-aid kits, visual distress signals, fire extinguishers, navigation lights, and back-fire flame controls. The boat must brandish valid registration as outlined by the DMV. Additionally, anyone who intends to operate a boat or motorized water vessel is required to acquire this endorsement on their driver’s license.

Filing an Accident Claim

Non-compliant operators who sustain injuries could face the limitations of the shared fault ruling. The laws which apply to the operation of water-based vessels establish the requirements by the state of Mississippi to reduce the probability of an accident. Any accident that is the result of non-compliance could eliminate the possibility of receiving a settlement.

Boating accident claims require the operator to establish that he or she was compliant with Mississippi laws that apply to motorized water vessels. Furthermore, it is necessary to provide evidence of the circumstances surrounding the accident, such as ensuring that the victim was not intoxicated while operating the boat. If you were injured or a lost a loved one, you should contact a Boat accident lawyer promptly. For more information, Visit T Michael Reed