Useful Tips to Help You Find a Good Attorney for Bankruptcy

by | Oct 17, 2014 | Lawyer

You can “reset” your finances by filing bankruptcy, but the process will be a lot easier if you have a good attorney on your side. So how do you find a good bankruptcy attorney? You don’t want to just pick a name out of the phone book. You want a lawyer who has plenty of experience in bankruptcy cases, and who’s going to be focused on what he or she can. To get an attorney like that, make sure to find one that has bankruptcy listed as a prominent practice area. That indicates the attorney has experience in that field, which is very important in getting the best settlement possible.

Also, look for at attorney who’s not interested in judging. Maybe the situation includes a divorce or job loss. Perhaps the bankruptcy is due to huge medical debt. It could have been that you just made poor financial choices during a particular time. It doesn’t matter, though. It’s not the attorney’s job to judge and or decide if you were right or wrong. It’s the attorney’s job to get you through the bankruptcy case with a clean slate, and help you get out on the other side, so you can start over.

A good attorney should be able to give great alternatives to bankruptcy too. He or she should be willing to discuss other options. Which type of bankruptcy should you file for? Is it really the best option? What else could you do, instead, and would those other options serve better? If your attorney can’t answer those kinds of questions for you and explain all the “why” issues that come along with them, it’s time to choose someone else to help you.

Don’t just assume every attorney knows everything about bankruptcy. That can get you into a lot of trouble. Pick one with a good practice area, who won’t judge your life, and who can explain all your options. You’ll be more likely to see a good outcome that way, and you’ll have peace of mind.

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