Disability Denial Advocates Help Applicants with Their Appeals

Hiring an attorney for legal representation when appealing a denial can make a huge difference as to whether the applicant is accepted. Disability denial advocates know the usual reasons the administration denies applications, which is actually very common. They understand how to complete the paperwork thoroughly and what the agency is looking for in regard to evidence of inability to work full-time.

A Stressful Time

Developing a severe disability due to an illness or injury is stressful and upsetting. Being approved for disability benefits can be life-changing after someone’s ability to earn money has been derailed. Since the process can take several months, the financial situation may have become dire by the time the approval is granted. Finally, the person is able to make back payments that are owed and catch up on all the bills. Sometimes, the risk of eviction or foreclosure is imminent because of a disability claim denial.

The Process

Disability denial advocates generally provide free initial consultations, as they realize that people applying for disability benefits may be struggling financially. Usually, no fees are charged until the case ends, and the lawyers typically do not charge any fees if the appeal is unsuccessful. The final fee can be paid from the first amount paid by the administration, which is retroactive to the date of the original application.

The attorney begins with a case evaluation. If the disability applicant and the lawyer decide to work together, the lawyer begins gathering any extra medical documentation necessary for the appeal. Any other evidence is also sought, such as statements from witnesses of an accident. A statement from a vocational professional may be included that verifies the applicant’s inability to work full-time.

The Advantage of Legal Representation

Having a lawyer during any of the application or appeal process is not required, but people can expect better results when they have legal representation by an attorney such as Eric R. Hunt. More than half of the initial applications received are denied, and most people do not have professional representation when they first apply. Details on this particular attorney can be found at Erichuntattorney.com. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!