Do You Need A Wrongful Death Lawyer In Douglasville?

by | Jun 27, 2017 | Law

It doesn’t matter if it was the result of a careless vehicle accident, a medical mistake, or even a slip and fall on a wet grocery store floor, if an accident ultimately leads to the death of a loved one, the immediate family may file a lawsuit against those who are responsible for the death. Though a lawsuit won’t bring the person back, it will help to compensate for any emotional and financial loss the family has suffered. Compensation for unpaid medical bills, lost wages (current and potential), and pain and suffering are some of the reasons for financial compensation. Of course, it’s up to the plaintiff to prove these charges, so it’s usually recommended they speak to a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Douglasville. Information can easily be obtained online at to help choose an attorney who will work diligently to represent their client in the case.

To prove wrongful death, there are some parameters that must be met prior to the case proceeding. One of the first is to prove the negligence was caused by another. This is either through a willful act of violence or other careless actions that lead to a death. Leaving a child in a hot car, a police chase on a busy street, or a medical mistake can all end in tragedy, and all lead to a wrongful death situation. Breach of duty must be proven, too. This proves that the “instigator” of the death had a duty to behave in a certain way, such as a driver following traffic laws or a doctor giving the proper medical care. Finally, if it’s proven that duty was breached, the Wrongful Death Lawyer in Douglasville must demonstrate that the defendant’s faulty action caused the death. This is done by clearly explaining the cause and effect of the incident.

After an untimely death such as this, damages must be considered. The loss of life will be a hardship for remaining family for many years to come. Loss of potential income, love, and guidance are only a few of the hardships that will be encountered over a lifetime for those left behind. Of course, though nothing can replace the loved one, the hope is that financial compensation will help ease the burden a bit and make life a little bit easier each remaining day.

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