Do You Need to Hire a Disability Lawyer, Find One near Maryville

If you are disabled and unable to earn a living, every dollar is important. If you are contemplating hiring a disability lawyer to help you with your claim, you may be concerned about the cost; don’t be. Unlike most lawyers near Maryville, disability lawyers do not ask you to pay any up-front fees, nor do they require a retainer. Disability lawyers in Maryville are paid if they win your case for you, and then the fee is paid from the initial benefit money you receive.

Fee Agreement

The system that is in place is called “contingency.” When you first hire a disability lawyer, you will enter into an agreement that gives the Social Security Administration (SSA) the right to pay your lawyer if your claim is approved and benefits are granted. The SSA will first review the agreement to ensure it meets all the established guidelines. Fee agreements must be based on a contingency fee basis. In the event you lose your claim, you are not obliged to pay your lawyer. You will, however, pay your lawyer when you win your claim.

What Is the Legal Fee?

The legal fee is not fixed in dollars. It is based on a percentage of the past-due benefits you are awarded. The legal fee is limited to 25 percent of this amount, not to exceed $6,000. As the fee is calculated on your past due benefits, if you are not awarded any, your lawyer will not receive his or her fee. Rarely does this happen. The greatest majority of cases are successful.
When you first enter into an agreement with a lawyer, you may be asked to pay any nominal “out of pocket” expenses such as postage, photocopies, etc.

In most cases, you will not have to pay your lawyer. The fee is usually deducted from your first disability payment before the SSA sends it to you.

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