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by | Oct 2, 2018 | Lawyers

When an employee is injured at work, it is the responsibility of the employer to pay the employee workers’ compensation, insurance that is set up for such incidents. In an ideal environment, the claim would be filed, and the injured worker would receive what is needed to cover medical expenses and pay while out of work. However, Workers Comp Lawyers in Ft. Pierce FL know that it doesn’t always work out that way because sometimes the insurance companies will deny the claim. Here are some things that injured workers need to know about workers’ compensation in Florida.

What to Know about Workers’ Compensation in Florida

Insurance companies often make it difficult for injured parties to receive their fair compensation, or either there is a lot of “red tape” involved in getting fairly compensated. The first thing the injured party should do is ensure all of the proper protocol has been followed regarding the workplace injury. The incident should be reported quickly to the right parties, and a doctor should be seen, according to the doctor that is used by the insurance company.

More about Workers’ Compensation in Florida

There are specific cases where an injured employee should seek legal counsel regarding a workers’ compensation case, regardless of how much easier it may seem to settle. If compensation has been promised but is not delivered as promised, the injured employee should seek legal advice. If issues come up, such as being accused of misrepresentation of the workplace injury claim, a legal professional should be contacted. If the employer asserts that the injured employee was not hurt on the job, or the insurance company denies the claim, calling an attorney is a good idea.

Attorneys in Florida for Workers’ Compensation

Many law firms and attorneys offer to represent clients who have issues with workers’ compensation claims throughout Florida. Matheson & Horowitz are attorneys in the Ft. Pierce, Florida area who provide legal representation for clients that are having problems with their workers’ compensation claims. If an injured employee is in search of Workers Comp Lawyers in Ft. Pierce FL, the attorneys, are available and can be reached via their website, .

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