DUI Attorney PA

If you have been stopped for driving while under the influence, it may feel like the world is ending. You will have been stopped by the police and taken to jail along with hardened criminals, possibly for the first time. Along the way, the police will have been collecting evidence against you.

They will have asked you how much you had to drink tonight. They will have had you perform a field sobriety test and filmed you failing it. They then had you take a breathalyzer test along the side of the road while every passing driver slowed to watch. At the station, they took a more advanced breathalyzer and also a blood test.

With all of this happening, it may be tempting to just give up. The police will say they can get the district attorney to make a good offer if you just sign a confession. The first time you see a judge they may offer to let you avoid jail if you plead guilty. It may seem like a good idea to go along with them and take the offer because with no escape, it can only get worse instead of ending that day. However, an experienced DUI Attorney PA may be able to further reduce the consequences or get you off completely.

When deciding whether to get a dui lawyer to fight for you, it is important to think beyond the short term. Many deaths have happened as a result of drunk driving and thus perception of those convicted of DUI is not good. A conviction may be a disqualifier for future jobs and it will surely mean increased insurance rates. It could also mean a license suspension and the inability to get to any job or important events.

A good DUI Attorney PA knows that despite the police doing a lot, it does not mean they do everything right. Their initial stop of your car may have been illegal, invalidating the subsequent arrest. They are also required to maintain strict protocols in performing the field tests and using the machines. Any single fault found by a dui lawyer could mean reasonable doubt and no DUI.