Preserve Your Rights in Court with a Criminal Lawyer from Santa Rosa County

Getting charged with a crime, no matter what it is, has the potential to upend your life. You are looking at possible prison time for the offense which means losing your job and setting yourself back for one rash action. Having a charge is nothing to mess around what with the penalties involved. You can throw yourself on the mercy of the public defenders office for your advocate, but you’re taking the risk you’ll get someone without much experience behind them. Instead, look into retaining a Criminal Lawyer Santa Rosa County for your defense.

Always remember that the U.S. Constitution guarantees that you are innocent until proven guilty, and that it is the job of the charging body to prove you guilty. Your Criminal Lawyer Santa Rosa County is the one who challenges the evidence against you in order to minimize the prosecutors attempt to put you in jail. A criminal lawyer is your line of defense against taking a serious punishment that ruins your life.

There are three aspects of your case that are going to be explored when you go to court for your charges: these are motive, intention and opportunity. It’s legal shorthand for your reasons for doing what you did, the intent or intended outcome, and the opportunity available to enable you to follow through. Sometimes it so happens that the crime was one of passion, and these issues don’t have much impact on your case. Your Criminal Lawyer Santa Rosa County will explain to you how all of these aspects are going to come into play during court.

It’s a fact that the three aspects of a crime play into how harshly the state attempts to punish you. Intentionally engaging in a crime means you made a deliberate act to defraud, harm or otherwise negatively affect another human being or property. When you do something in the heat of the moment with no intent behind it, the charges tend to be not so harsh.

Contact a Criminal Lawyer Santa Rosa County for assistance with your case, and how she can help you. A criminal defense lawyer is on your side, fighting to keep you from the maximum punishment possible.