Emergency Versus Non-Emergency — A PIP Claim Lawyer Can Help You

by | Nov 29, 2019 | Personal Injury

Having personal injury protection coverage is part of Florida’s mandatory auto insurance law. It provides insured people $10,000 of coverage for medical expenses after an auto accident regardless of who was at fault. Those are covered at 80%, and PIP even covers 60% of an insured person’s lost earnings resulting from an accident. If you need a PIP claim lawyer in Florida, here is some information to know.

The Legislating Intent Behind PIP

It was the intent of Florida’s legislature to provide residents with an efficient system for payment of their medical costs and lost earnings after an accident. This would operate to free up judges and courtrooms to hear other matters. Accident victims seem to find themselves in even more insurance disputes. That’s because billion-dollar insurance companies are looking out for their own best interests as opposed to the best interests of the people who are covered by their policies.

Emergencies vs. Non-Emergencies

Whether or not an injury suffered in an auto accident is an emergency, is an issue behind many PIP insurance disputes. As per Florida Statute 627.736(1)(a)(4), a car insurance company need only pay a maximum of $2,500 of PIP benefits if injuries suffered in a car accident are determined not to be emergencies. Who makes that determination? Without convincing medical evidence, the insurance company makes that purely a subjective decision. Your PIP benefits will be quickly exhausted, leaving you with unpaid bills and the inability to treat further for your injuries. That’s when you’ll want to speak with a PIP claim lawyer in Florida. You might even need to file a personal injury lawsuit.

After being injured in any motor vehicle accident discuss your PIP benefits and the possible necessity of filing a personal injury lawsuit. You’ll be listened to carefully, and your questions will be answered. Florida’s PIP law seems to hurt more people than it helps. You can trust a PIP claim lawyer in Florida to help you to get the benefits and compensation that you deserve.

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