What To Do If You’ve Been Sold a Defective Vehicle

by | Nov 29, 2019 | Lawyers

Anyone who’s ever purchased a vehicle knows that it can be quite a blow to one’s bank account. Because of this, many people will skip car dealerships and instead purchase a used vehicle via a private sale.

There are many benefits to purchasing a car through a private sale, such as saving money and not having to deal with excess fees. However, buying a car via a private sale can also be very risky. If you recently purchased a car through a private sale and believe that the vehicle might be defective, here’s what you need to do.

Investigate Your Rights

Different states offer consumers different protections when it comes to the fraudulent sales of these defective vehicles, often called “lemons.” For example, Arizona lemon law allows consumers to seek legal counsel and pursue a case if they believe that they were knowingly sold a lemon.

Review and Save All Documents

It’s important that you gather all of the documents pertaining to the sale. This should include the seller’s original advertisement, in addition to transcripts of all subsequent text and email exchanges. If you need to pursue legal action, these documents will be invaluable in proving that the seller did not make you aware of the defect before you made the purchase.

Contact an Attorney

It’s not wise to try to recoup your money and reverse the sale on your own. The types of sellers who knowingly sell customers defective vehicles are not the types of people who will happily grant you a refund. Instead, contact an attorney who can assist you with the process of getting your money back for the defective vehicle that you were tricked into purchasing.

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