Family Lawyers in Charlotte Can Help With More Than Divorce Cases

by | Dec 28, 2023 | Family Law

Family law attorneys handle divorce. However, that is not all. Here are a few other reasons why seeking help from a family law attorney in Charlotte could benefit you.

A family law attorney handles adoptions. It is important for individuals who would like to adopt to legalize the relationship. For example, a person may marry another and care for that person’s child. However, if they never legally formalize the relationship, the child and parent could miss out on important rights and benefits. It gives the adoptive parents the rights of any legal parent. It gives the child the legal right to get financial support from the parent. If the couple divorces in the future, the adoptive parent will still have the right to visit the child.

A family law attorney in Charlotte can help establish paternity. Fatherhood is a biological and legal relationship. It creates certain rights between the father and child, like the child receiving support from the father or the child inheriting property from him. It allows the father the right to spend time with the child. When paternity is established with the help of a family lawyer, it can strengthen the relationship between them both.

Mediating family disputes is another area where family lawyers can help. It can help families avoid going to court when possible. When family members go to court, it is a situation where one person wins and the other loses. With family mediation, situations can be created where everyone wins. Mediation is often used in custody and divorce matters. However, it can be used when family members are disputing various matters.

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