Hiring an Attorney in Colorado Springs for Your Child Support Needs

by | Jan 10, 2024 | Legal Services

Sometimes, it’s difficult to get money for your child from the other parent if you’re no longer together. This is when it could be beneficial to hire an attorney to establish a support order.


A benefit of hiring a child support attorney in Colorado Springs, CO is that they will know of all of the guidelines for the state. They will understand all of the formulas that are used and can give an indication as to how much you might get for an appropriate amount. Most of the time, they can factor in details like medical coverage, living arrangements, and education expenses that a child support worker might not include.


If there is already an order in place, a child support attorney in Colorado Springs, CO can look at the details to see if a modification should be ordered. This could happen if one parent begins making more or less money during the year or if there is a significant change with the child. These changes can include health issues or more education expenses as the child gets older and reaches a higher grade. If there is an intentional reason as to why the other parent won’t pay child support, then the court could rule against any modification and could order that the parent make a payment within a certain time frame.


An attorney can work with the court to enforce an existing child support order. They can approach the court to give reasons as to why the parent needs the support paid and why the other person should be prosecuted for not making a payment.

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