Here Are a Few Tips to Help You Get the Best LGBT Estate Planning Done

You may have very specific needs when you’re setting up your estate, and you may need to go so far as to hire an LGBT state planning in Madison professional. These professionals can provide you with a lot of assistance in this area because they understand that you need to be careful when writing a living will or writing instructions for that will.

How Does LGBT Estate Planning in Madison Work?

LGBT estate planning requires that you use specific language that allows you, your spouse, your children, and your family members rights after your loved one’s death. There have been instances in which LGBT couples were not allowed to share insurance, to see each other in the hospital, or to divide their estates when one of them died. When you have planned your estate properly, you could potentially avoid having these problems.

Children and Assets

You should mention your children and assets in the will in such a way that explains custody of the children, how money is disbursed and when. You may consider making other modifications to the will that are not standard. There are unique circumstances to consider because in same sex families the child or children are only biologically tied to one parent, so it is important to have specific language throughout the estate planning that outlines how that other parent would still remain in custody in the case of the death of the biological parent if the non-biological parent does not have guardianship or has completed a legal adoption process.

Sit Down with a Professional

We recommend that you talk a professional that has experience working with LGBT families. A lawyer who writes wills for people in the LGBT community understands that you have specific concerns that should be addressed. When this is the case, you need to make adjustments as needed, change the will with your lawyer present, and keep the will filed with a lawyer’s office. Click here For more information.

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