Starting a Case with Help from Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Waycross, GA

by | Aug 26, 2019 | Legal Services

In Georgia, doctors who cause unnecessary patient injuries must face strict liabilities. Medical malpractice laws present a legal avenue for the patient to seek monetary damages. Medical malpractice attorneys in Waycross, GA can help patients build viable cases against their doctors.

Interviewing All the Medical Staff

After a medical malpractice case starts, the hospital board starts interviewing all medical staff involved in the incident. The hospital board uses the information to determine if the patient has a viable case against the doctor and the hospital. If the findings indicate a major financial loss for the hospital, the board will attempt to settle out of court. It is recommended that the victim allow their legal counsel to discuss any potential settlements on their behalf.

Securing the Complete Medical Records

The patient’s complete medical records for their hospital stay are needed for the claim. The records show all medical staff that treated the patient and all treatments provided. Any risks for medical procedures are disclosed, and a patient consent form must be signed to protect against liabilities. However, if the injuries aren’t connected to a known risk, the doctor and the hospital will be liable. They must face further liabilities if the patient didn’t give their consent for a procedure.

Finding a Medical Witness

A doctor with the same credentials as the defendant is needed to testify if the case goes to court. The doctor substantiates the victim’s claim by explaining a different action that would’ve prevented the injuries. They explain the steps for treatment and explain how the injuries happened.

What Awards Are Available If the Patient Wins?

If the patient wins, the court will award economic damages for their losses. The doctor must also pay punitive damages as a form of punishment. Some additional awards are possible if the patient’s injuries are permanent.

In Georgia, doctors will face lawsuits when they fail to provide a proper duty to their patient. Medical malpractice cases are based on the principle of “do no harm”. When a doctor injures a patient unnecessarily, they are in violation of the law. Patients who need to start a claim against their doctor can contact medical malpractice attorneys in Waycross, GA

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