Hire a Divorce Lawyer to Protect Your Interests

No one wants to face a divorce, but sometimes it is inevitable. These days, many people handle a divorce on their own, filing appropriate paperwork at the local courthouse without the help of an attorney. If there are no arguments over property and no children involved, this is sometimes the easiest way to go. However, many times it is best to hire a divorce lawyer to protect your interests. While it can be expensive and more of a headache, sometimes it is necessary. If you are in a dangerous situation, your spouse is abusive or violent for example, you need a divorce lawyer. If your spouse is vindictive or dishonest, you need to hire a divorce lawyer. If your spouse has already hired his or her own attorney, you will need to hire a divorce lawyer. If you can’t afford a lawyer, contact your local legal aid department for suggestions.

Working through the toughest issues ahead of time is priority, if you can possibly do so. Sit down with your spouse and talk through child custody and child rearing issues, how the family home will be divided or sold, who will take on which bills and things like this. Sometimes having a third party present for this discussion will help. If you have to involve a lawyer, not only will you be charged for the time, they lawyer may be extremely aggressive and may relish in intensifying the arguments and getting the other party angry.

Sometimes a couple can use one lawyer to represent both parties. This usually occurs when the couple has agreed upon everything ahead of time and put it in writing. The lawyer is simply there to do the paperwork and legal legwork for the couple.

Keep in mind that when you hire a divorce lawyer to protect your interests, you are not only protecting your current interests, but also your future interests. Unfortunately it is undeniable that a divorce is much more than a legal arrangement between a couple. Its effects are far reaching and often come back to haunt you later in life if you are not careful to cover all your bases at the time of the divorce.

When hiring a divorce lawyer, find out some things up front. What are his or her fees? What is his or her experience in divorce law? Ask if they feel like divorces should be a cooperative effort between both parties or if they see it as an all out war? (How do you feel? You will want to make sure you agree with their philosophy.) Ask what all is involved in the process of the divorce and how long it generally takes.

Facing a divorce is scary, but when you have a divorce lawyer by your side, at least you won’t fact it alone.


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