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by | Oct 13, 2014 | Accident Attorney

If you are involved in an accident, then the last thing you need to worry about is money. However, this is actually the first thing people start worrying about after they realize they are okay. How are they going to pay for medical expenses? What if they are out of work for a long time? These are the questions Mckinney TX’s Best Car Accident Attorney can help you answer.

Why have insurance when companies are not interested in informing me of my rights?

First, insurance companies work with services, whose functions are to try to mediate and resolve accident cases on their own. That is, they try to settle the case without requiring the assistance of external help. Thus, it is usual to find that the client has not informed the insured of their rights and options. As a result, many victims of traffic accidents receive offers less than 50% of what they really should have.

In addition there are agreements between companies called “non-aggression pacts”. For these agreements, determining responsibilities and compensation for material damage is much easier. If services fail to resolve the matter, the companies work with lawyers who primarily represent the interests of the company itself, rather than those affected. The fees received by these professionals are well below what they should be. That is, the company always comes out much more profitable when they tend to use their own lawyers. They will try to quickly resolve the case as no remuneration is linked to the success of the case.

If you have chosen a lawyer not represented by the insurance company, you may look at situations where the company will try to impede or generate distrust. In fact, some insurance companies may not for pay such legal assistance. But as mentioned before, if the claim is won, the company is obliged to cover the costs of the lawyer to the limits established in your insurance contract.

Who pays the lawyer?

The insurance company is not interested in having to deal with a cost of an independent lawyer. But as mentioned before, if the claim is won the company is obliged to cover the costs of Mckinney TX’s Best Car Accident Attorney. If attorney fees are covered by your premium, you will not have to pay anything for the services rendered. For more details visit .

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