How an Accident Lawyer in Auburn, CA Can Handle an Insurance Company That Won’t Pay Out

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Accident Attorney, Attorney, Law, Lawyer, Lawyers and Law Firms

After a car accident, the victim is usually entitled to a compensation which is meant to financially put them back where they were before the accident occurred. This means the person may be entitled to compensation for their medical bills, car repair bills, lost wages and more. Often, the insurance company will try to claim they don’t have to offer the victim a settlement because the victim was partially or completely at fault for the accident.

When a person is denied a reasonable settlement, they do have the option of contacting an accident lawyer in Auburn, CA for help. The accident lawyer will listen to their version of events and view any correlating information the person may have, which could include police reports, photographs of the scene or witness’ statements. If the lawyer determines they were not at fault for the accident and should be entitled to compensation, he or she will then start to negotiate with the insurance company. In some cases, this is as simple as presenting the necessary evidence, while in others, the lawyer may need to work to convince the insurance company that a settlement is necessary.

Sometimes the insurance company will refuse to negotiate with the lawyer and come up with a settlement amount; the lawyer then has the option of taking the case to court to be decided by a judge. This can mean the person has to wait until the case is decided to obtain a settlement, which can take quite a while, and because of the time and expense involved in a court case, most cases are settled before they get to this point. If they do go to court, the judge has the opportunity to hear both sides of the case and determine whether the person is entitled to a settlement and, if so, how much.

Anyone who has been in an accident can contact an accident lawyer in Auburn, CA for advice on how to handle the situation. If they were not at fault for the accident but the insurance company is claiming they were, they may want to have a lawyer negotiate with the insurance company on their behalf. For more information, visit domain URL.

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