Why Legal Help with a Bankruptcy Filing Makes Sense

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Bankruptcy Law

For many people, bankruptcy is the most practical way to deal with debt that is impossible to repay, and it is possible to manage the bankruptcy filing without the help of legal counsel, but this approach does present some serious challenges. Here are a few reasons why working with an attorney to file the necessary documents is the most prudent way of seeking this type of protection.

Gathering Documents
Preparing to file for bankruptcy means providing a great deal of information: all details about property, assets, income, and total debt must be up to date and accurate. An attorney can provide the client with a list of every type of information needed to ensure the bankruptcy filing is complete. Doing so will improve the odds of the case being assigned to a trustee and things progressing without the need to file any amended or corrected papers with the court.

Completing the Necessary Forms
All forms of personal bankruptcy require filling out a number of forms required by the court. The process of answering all those questions can become confusing, even for people who have done a good job gathering all the data needed. All it takes is one answer that is not complete or leaves some question in the mind of the court to require another round of filing forms, but with an attorney overseeing the completion of the forms and checking the responses for accuracy, the odds of this happening are decreased.

Responding to the Court
The person seeking bankruptcy protection can expect to hear from the trustee assigned to the case or possibly receive correspondence from the court, which will occur while the petition makes its way through the legal process. In order to make sure that any responses are in compliance with the needs of the court, it makes sense to work through an attorney. Doing so will ensure the responses are timely, factual, and this is what the court needs in order to proceed.

The bottom line is that attempting to manage a bankruptcy without help from a lawyer is not the best move, so visit website oday and arrange to speak with an attorney before making any decisions. The advice obtained will help the client understand what must be done and how to go about the process correctly.

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