How to Apply for SSDI Attorney Middleton NY

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SSDI stands for Social Security Disability Insurance, and qualifying for SSDI Attorney Middleton NY is done with a five-step process. Each answer will either move the applicant for Social Security Disability to the next step or will stop the process at that step. The Social Security Administration considers someone disabled if you are unable to do the work you did previously, if you’re not able to conform to some other form of employment because of your disability, and your disability is anticipated to continue for a minimum of 12 months continuous, or if you’re disability is potentially fatal. No disability benefits by SSDI Attorney Middleton NY are paid for a partial or short-term disability. Any disability benefits received will be from total disability. The five-step disability determination is:

1. Do you have income asks SSDI Attorney Middleton NY, and what is it?

Should you presently be working and your average income is more than $1000 per month, you are not generally considered disabled, says SSDI Attorney Middleton NY. If your answer is “no income”, or income of $1000 or less per month, then you may proceed to the next step.

2. SSDI Attorney Middleton NY will want to know if your condition is “severe”.

A “severe” condition, according to SSDI Attorney Middleton NY, means your present affliction significantly restricts your ability to work and activities that are in connection with work. A physician’s diagnosis of your condition enters into the process at this point. If your answer is “yes”, then proceed to step three.

3. A list of medical conditions might determine disability says SSDI Attorney Middleton NY.

As per SSDI Attorney Middleton NY, the Social Security System refers to a medical afflictions that have been compiled on a master list that they deem stark enough, in that if you have any of them you are automatically considered disabled. Compassionate Allowances are certain disability claims that are processed expeditiously, such as a confirmed diagnosis of ALS, acute leukemia, or pancreatic cancer. If your affliction does not appear on the master list then proceed to steps four and five.

4. & 5. Are you able to perform the employment or work you previously did, and if not, is there any other type of work you can do, SSDI Attorney Middleton NY wants to know.

Your condition must be on the identical level of harshness as one of the phisological affliction that appear on the master list from Step 3. If it is not, then the Social Security Administration will decide if your condition significantly impairs your ability to perform your work. Should it not, your claim of disability application can surely be rejected. If the SSA decides that your condition is severe enough, they move on to the following step. A determination is made whether you are unable to train for any new type of work, states SSDI Attorney Middleton NY, taking into consideration how old you are, education, previous work you have done, job training, experience, and/or some exchangeable abilities you have acquired. If they decide you are unable to do your previous work, and any other work, the Social Security Administration will approve your claim for disability insurance.

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