How to Get Started with a Wrongful Death Attorney in Oahu

Getting help from a wrongful death attorney in Oahu is an important first step in ensuring the responsible party is held accountable. When a death occurs due to the negligence of a person or business, the deceased’s family or a representative of the state has the right to pursue compensation. Knowing how to get started with an attorney is crucial for being able to be prepared.

How to Start the Process

When an individual dies because of negligence, starting the process of getting legal help can sometimes feel daunting. Scheduling a consultation appointment with a wrongful death attorney in Oahu is the first step towards pursuing compensation.

Before the meeting with the attorney, it is wise for the family to gather any evidence or information they may have regarding the death of their loved one. The individuals who will be attending the consultation meeting need to also be prepared to provide explicit details regarding the death, including being able to answer any questions. Most people find it beneficial to write down any facts and questions they may have, so they do not forget.

What to Expect

When it comes to pursuing a wrongful death claim, the evidence is essential. Without evidence, individuals will be unable to prove the four essentials of any wrongful death claim which include the following:

  • The plaintiff must be able to prove the defendant owed the deceased a duty of care.
  • The plaintiff will then need to prove the duty of care was breached.
  • The breach in the duty of care must have directly led to the death of the individual.
  • The death must have caused measurable damages to the plaintiff or estate.

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