Identifying The One-Bite Laws Through Dog Bite Lawyers In Suffolk County, NY

by | Oct 7, 2014 | Legal Services

The logical behind the one-bite ruling associated with dog attacks indicates that all dogs are presumed non-violent. However, a pet owner who had previous knowledge of violent behavior and failed to take action is guilty. The ruling protects the victim in these instances and will hold the pet owner liable for violating the law and taking precautionary measures to prevent these probabilities. If you were the victim of an attack and need to hire Dog Bite Lawyers in Suffolk County NY

In basic, the dog is allowed to bite once without acquiring a label as a danger to the public. Dogs are territorial animals and the ruling is set in place to protect a simple bite based on their need to protect this area. However, if the dog continues to attack, the pet owner must cover the expenses incurred by the victim and take measures to eliminate this risk to the public. Violent dogs in most cases are euthanized, after a severe attack.

Conditions Applied to Animal Bites

Professional Dog Bite Lawyers Suffolk County NY can fight against a lawsuit filed by the victim under certain conditions. For example, if the victim was not within his or her rights to be on the property cannot hold the pet owner accountable for sustained injuries. Trespassing is a criminal infraction and in this example, the victim was violating the law at the time of the attack.

Victims who antagonize the animal deliberately can share the fault of their own injuries even if they do not come onto the property itself. Animal cruelty is also a crime. If the pet owner can prove that the victim was abusing the dog or antagonizing the dog by physical means then he or she could be held accountable for this crime.

In New York, pet owners are placed on notice at any time that their dog attacks someone. The initial notice is to present facts that their dog could pose a danger to their community and the law requires them to take effective measures to prevent further incidents. Victims of dog attacks have the right to file a claim after the dog bites them more than once. If you were injured by a dog in your local area, you should contact Dog Bite Lawyers in Suffolk County NY today.

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