Important Reasons for Retaining a Skilled Probate Law Lawyer in Topeka, KS

When a loved one, friend or trusted associate has named you the executor of his or her estate, you cannot simply disperse the assets and money to the beneficiaries. You first must file the will with the local probate court and await a judge’s decision about if the will was legal and valid or if anyone who was not named in the will has a legal claim to the estate.

The entire process can take legal finesse and knowledge that you simply lack. Rather than risk the outcome of the estate on your own inexperience, you can hire a knowledgeable probate law lawyer in Topeka, KS, to represent you and the will of which you are the executor.

Notifying the Public

After someone dies, the person’s estate must notify the public of his or her passing. This notification alerts potential creditors and heirs of the estate and gives them time to make a claim to any money or assets that the person has left behind.

The most common way to alert the public is by taking out an ad in the local newspaper. When you hire a probate law lawyer in Topeka, KS, he or she can publish the notification int the local media as required by law.

Your attorney can also work to speed up closing of the case so that beneficiaries can be notified and receive their inheritances. You can find out more about why you should hire a probate law lawyer in Topeka, KS, online. Contact Debenham Law Office LLC at