In Patchogue, NY, Workman’s Comp Claims are no Simple Matter

Anyone who is injured on the job, or becomes ill due to conditions at their place of employment, is entitled to workman’s comp in Patchogue, NY. The only reason a claim can be denied is if the injury or illness can be shown to have occurred outside of the workplace. The circumstances under which you became injured are not important, besides the fact that you were on the clock when you got hurt or sick. Workman’s comp is meant to keep people safe from financial disaster when they are too injured or sick to work for more than a few weeks. This can include anything from a broken limb to a disease that effects the lungs.

That all may sound simple, but unfortunately nobody seems to know enough about workman’s comp to go through the process in a reasonable manner. Some injuries, such as a physical injury sustained on a construction job site, are obvious candidates for workman’s comp. But others are less clear cut, such as a case of carpal tunnel syndrome or chronic back pain. In these situations, you may find that the employer or insurance company will fight the claim and find ways to argue that you were not injured on the job.

The good news is that you can easily get a workman’s comp attorney to help you with your claim if it’s been contested. Because the law is fairly clear, most legal advisors will be able to tell you right away if you have a good chance of receiving benefits. If there is significant doubt about when you sustained an injury, you may have trouble. But many workman’s comp lawyers will work and be paid based on the results of the case, rather than on an hourly or flat fee, even here in Patchogue. Legal fees will be taken into account by the Workers’ Compensation Board and will be covered as part of your claim if it’s determined that you were injured at work.

If your case is at all questionable, you may want to contact a workman’s comp lawyer to see what you can do to improve your chances. Ask for a free consultation and see if they will waive fees if you lose your claim. That way you are never going to be financially responsible for legal fees, win or lose.

At this time when you are injured or ill, it’s unlikely that you want to spend a bunch of time studying workman’s comp. Get in touch with a lawyer in Patchogue, NY and you’ll be in good hands.

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