Injured Victims Deserve Help From a Dog Bite Attorney in Melrose MA

Dog owners must be careful to keep their dogs from harming others. Even a non-vicious dog can end up causing an injury to another person, leaving their owner liable. When a person becomes the victim of a dog bite injury, it is their right to seek legal help from a Dog Bite Attorney in Melrose MA.

Understanding the Dog Bite Laws in Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts has enacted strict dog bite laws to ensure the law protects injured victims. This is a strict liability state which means a dog owner can be held liable for any injuries, even if the owner was unaware of the propensity for the dog to bite.

A dog owner can be held liable for the bite of their dog, as long as the victim was not trespassing on private property, provoking the dog, or breaking the law. The first step a victim needs to take after being bitten is to make sure they seek medical treatment since dog bites can sometimes cause serious damages and lead to infection.

Should the Victim File a Lawsuit?

Most injured victims will find it beneficial to seek the help of a Dog Bite Attorney in Melrose MA before they attempt to pursue a lawsuit. The attorney will not only help their client determine the value of their claim but will also help them start the process of filing a lawsuit.

An injured victim has the right to sue for their medical bills, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. In rare cases, a victim may also be able to pursue punitive damages, if there was malicious intent with the dog bite.

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