Personal Injury Attorneys in Charles County, MD Help When Serious Injuries Occur in a Childcare Setting

by | Aug 23, 2017 | Lawyers

When a child experiences a serious injury at a daycare center or preschool, the facility’s insurance should cover any medical expenses and associated costs. For instance, if one of the parents must take a leave of absence from work to care for the child, compensation may be made for lost wages. If the insurance company is uncooperative, personal injury attorneys in Charles County, MD may be able to help.


It’s not uncommon for youngsters to experience minor injuries in these settings, just as they do in the elementary school environment on playgrounds and in gymnasiums. More serious harm, such as bone fractures and concussions, require immediate medical attention. Depending on the extent of the injury, the child may need physical therapy to help with recovery. Hospitalization and surgery may be required.


Personal injury attorneys in Charles County, MD can evaluate the situation and confirm whether the family should receive financial compensation. One problem for the parents may be if either of them signed a waiver, absolving the center of liability for injuries. However, judges commonly side with parents in these cases, even if the parents did sign such an agreement.

Behavior Issues

The insurer or the facility owner may dispute the claim on the grounds that the child was misbehaving or roughhousing in a way that could cause injury. A lawyer may be necessary in this situation to verify that the facility staff members were negligent in supervising the youngsters.

Even when a child is not following the rules, teachers and other staff members should be able to prevent a serious mishap in this type of environment. Scrapes and bruises are to be expected in the normal course of play. Broken bones are not.

Concluding Thoughts

An injury lawyer is also advantageous for reviewing the settlement offer and determining whether it covers all relevant factors. People who are not legal professionals commonly do not realize all the factors for which they should receive compensation. Depending on the circumstances, the attorney may decide to include a request addressing intangible details, such as the inability of the child to attend the summer camp that year because of the injury. Contact Business Name with any questions.

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