Injury Lawyer In Louisa VA – How to Choose a Credible Witness

An experienced Injury Lawyer In Louisa VA can help with proving the facts for a car accident claim. When most car accidents occur, the only witnesses are the drivers. This leads as case of one driver’s word against the other. If both drivers are blaming each other for the accident, it can be hard to determine the facts of the case. For these reasons, finding a credible witness can make a big difference.

When submitting an accident report, insurance adjusters want to know if there were any additional witnesses. They know each driver involved will have a different story. Many times, there are conflicts or discrepancies from the accounts given by the drivers. The adjuster prefers a witness to be present because of comparing the witness’s account with the drivers’ accounts. The truth is found somewhere in middle after listening to the different testimonies. On the other hand, the witness’s testimony is only beneficial when the person is credible.

Most people are not doing a mental check for future reference when watching a car accident in progress. Some drivers are too close to see the people involved in the accident and are concerned about their own safety. If a person is trying to avoid having a crash, they are not going to see everything that happened with the drivers involved in the wreck. Events can occur very quickly from someone running a red light to someone cutting off another driver. Drivers have to respond quickly to protect their safety and that of others on the road. It is usually after the accident occurs when people try to piece together what really happened, which means a third-party account can be unreliable.

Dulaney Lauer & Thomas LLP knows the next steps accident victims should take. Accident victims should not hesitate to make an accident report and should seek immediate medical attention. They should also have a camera on hand for taking pictures of the scene and the vehicles involved. If you did not have a chance to talk to witnesses at the scene, you can check the police report for this information. An experienced Injury Lawyer In Louisa VA can help with compiling a list of credible witnesses. Set up an appointment!