Why Should You Hire an Elk Grove Village Social Security Lawyer?

Filing for disability benefits can be confusing for many people. This is because there are so many steps in the filing process and often eligible people are denied. This causes many people to give up on the process of filing, because they mistakenly believe they will never receive the benefits they deserve. If you are disabled either physically or mentally, you have the right to receive benefits. Through the help of an Elk Grove Village social security lawyer, you can receive help in filing for your benefits and help in an appeal, should you be denied.

Why Is it Important to Have a Lawyer on Your Side in a Disability Case?

When your disability is first filed, you will need to include medical proof. The forms to be filled out will require at least two medical doctors to state your disability, along with providing a diagnosis. If you do not have this medical backing, you will not be approved for your benefits.

The problem comes in, when even those who are entitled and have medical proof are denied. For these people, the appeals process was created. When you are denied your benefits, your lawyer can easily file an appeal on your behalf. A hearing date will be set, allowing your attorney to prepare your case and submit medical proof and even testimony of your disability. Many people who have been denied through the traditional route of filing are able to go on and be approved through a disability hearing.

It will take some time for you to begin receiving benefits through the process. Once you first file, you will be entitled to benefits funds for each month you wait. After approval, you will be given a lump sum payment and will then receive your regular monthly benefit checks.

If you have become disabled through injury or illness, it is your right to file for disability. Most people find it reassuring to have a lawyer helping them.