Legal Responsibility Regarding Slip And Falls in Queens, NY

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Lawyers

When someone experiences an accident involving Slip And Falls in Queens NY, the property owner is legally responsible if the incident involved his or her negligence or carelessness. For example, not doing anything about icy stairs outside of a business can be considered negligence as long as the owner should have known about the situation. Icy stairs represent a significant risk factor for an accident, and a property owner must take action to prevent a fall.

Essentially, the legal responsibility addresses common sense. The owner might protest that he or she didn’t realize the state of the stairway. However, property owners are expected to understand when the weather creates potentially dangerous circumstances. It’s one of the reasons municipalities require all sidewalks to have snow removal within a certain time frame. Snow-covered sidewalks are not only inconvenient for people walking on them; but they can also cause slipping and tripping that leads to injuries.

However, if water began leaking from a cooler in a store, and someone slipped before anyone knew about the problem, the aspect of negligence probably won’t apply. On the other hand, if the cooler had been malfunctioning, and the store owner should have known that a leak might be imminent, that may qualify as negligence. Situations involving Slip And Falls in Queens NY area, are legally complicated and difficult for people to understand if they don’t have a legal background.

A law firm such as Business Name can provide further information during a free consultation. During this consultation, a lawyer evaluates the merits of the case to determine whether the injured person deserves financial compensation from the property owner. Compensation covers medical bills and lost wages during recovery. In some instances, it covers aspects such as pain and suffering or reduction in quality of life. Slip And Falls can result in serious injury that requires surgery, a hospital stay, recovery from fractures, and substantial time off work. The injured person needs money to pay bills that start to pile up and regular expenses such as food and rent. An attorney is valuable for helping this person gain compensation to get finances back on track.

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