When to Contact an Injury Lawyer in Centerville, OH

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Lawyer

Some think that a lawyer should be contacted whenever a person is injured while others think that lawyers should only be hired in extreme cases where there are no other options. The truth lies somewhere between these two lines. Anyone who is injured because of another person’s negligence or direct actions can contact an injury lawyer in Centerville, OH for advice, but there are usually a few things that need to be looked at before the case can continue.

Was the Person Injured?

The legal definition of the word “injured” means more than just physical injuries; it can also be used to speak about financial, emotional or other types of injuries. The basis of a personal injury case is whether or not the person is injured in some capacity, which could include the need for therapy from mental abuse or property damage from a theft or car accident claim.

Are the Injuries Quantifiable?

There needs to be a number that can be attached to the injury the person suffered. Simply having emotional damage might not be enough since they need to be able to show how it affected them financially; for example, if they were harassed at work and can no longer go there, the lost wages and therapy bills are quantifiable. If the person is physically injured, the medical bills will show the cost of the injuries.

Is the Case Worth Pursuing?

This is often the most difficult question to answer as it does have a few variables: if a number of injuries is a very small amount, it is not likely going to be worth the person’s time to go to court; or if the person being sued does not have an income or insurance to cover the amount, it might be very difficult to get the money even if there is a settlement in the victim’s favor.

These are a few of the first questions an injury lawyer in Centerville, OH is going to ask when they speak with a potential client. This lets them figure out whether or not they’d like to take the case and whether it’s worth their time. It might be worth at least having a consultation to find out if the case is eligible and worth pursuing, as each type of case may have different minimum requirements. For more information, contact Business Name today.

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