Life-Support or No Life-Support: Make the Choice Easy for Your Loved Ones

by | Feb 5, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

When an accident occurs, it can be a trying time for the victim’s loved ones. Especially, if the individual is left incapacitated or brain dead from the injuries. Family members may not know what course of action should be taken to preserve the individual’s life. When it comes to deciding whether the victim should be placed on life-support or not can be a challenging decision to make. Family members may disagree on what should happen or worry whether they are making the right choice. However, most of these issues can be avoided, and you can ease your loved ones’ minds by consulting with a living wills attorney in Davenport, IA.

Why You Should Create a Living Will

Every so often, you hear about cases in the news of family members battling it out in a courtroom on the medical care decisions for an incapacitated loved one. If family members cannot agree on the type of medical treatment you should receive, this can make the situation extremely difficult when they take the issue to court for a judge to make the decision for them. A living wills attorney in Davenport, IA can help eliminate this risk and reduce your family stress by documenting your wishes if you should ever become incapacitated. A lawyer can offer legal advice to help you make vital decisions pertaining to your healthcare. Naming a family member to make medical decisions for you, the use of life-support to help sustain your life or the stipulations of what should happen if you are deemed brain dead can be documented to make the process easier on your loved ones.

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David J. Franks Attorney at Law is ready to assist you in making those important life decisions. From planning your estate to medical care decisions, they will provide the vital information you need to ensure your final wishes are respected.

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