Talking to the Police Prior to Arrests in Worcester County, MD

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Lawyers

Many arrests in Worcester County, MD occur when a person is stopped by the police while they’re driving. It starts as a basic traffic stop, but something happens and the person ends up arrested and in jail. When a person is stopped by the police for a traffic infraction, it’s important that they know what to do and how to handle the situation to, hopefully, avoid an arrest.

Be Polite, but Don’t Talk Too Much

The person should make sure they are as polite as possible, but they should be careful with what they say. They should answer questions about their name, birthdate, ownership of the vehicle, or similar questions. However, they shouldn’t talk about anything else, and should decline to answer questions that could lead the officer to believe they’ve committed a crime.

A good example of this is the standard stop that leads to a DUI charge. The person might not really be acting impaired when they’re pulled over, but if they admit to the officer that they had a couple of drinks before they started driving, the officer is likely going to administer the tests to determine if they’re over the legal limit. Just simply saying they had a few drinks with their friends could lead to the person being arrested and charged with a DUI even though they were just making small talk with the officer.

Do Not Give Permission for a Vehicle Search

The person should also avoid giving the officer permission for a vehicle search. Even if they believe there isn’t anything in the vehicle, something could have been left by a friend without their knowledge. If they agree to a search, they’re going to be arrested if anything is found. If they do not agree to the search, the officer must have reasonable belief they’ll find something illegal to search the vehicle, but the validity of the search and evidence found can be disputed in court.

While these tips can help many people avoid an arrest, there are times when they’ll be arrested even if they try to do everything right. After arrests in Worcester County, MD, the arrested person should take the time to speak to a lawyer to get help right away. Visit the website to learn more about how a lawyer can help.

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