Making The Case For Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Law

There is nothing worse than getting hurt on the job unless it is to find out that your claim under Worker’s Compensation is fully or partially denied. In these cases, which are not at all uncommon in Iowa City or throughout the state, having workers’ compensation lawyers to provide you with the legal services you need will be essential.

Too often an injured worker assumes that filing a claim through the system is simple to do and results in a timely payment for the cost of medical bills and lost wages. In reality, there are a lot of things standing in the way of getting what you are entitled to receive.

Some reports indicate up to 80% of all people denied benefits through the workers’ compensation system never go through the appeal process. While you may feel comfortable in filling out the original claim on your own, if you do get a denial letter it is time to start talking to workers’ compensation lawyers.

Forms and Evidence

One of essential services that a workers’ compensation attorney can provide is using his or her knowledge of the system to move your case forward. If it has been denied, there will be a need to provide additional information, including bringing in medical experts that can argue the validity of the medical reports generated by the insurance company doctors.

This is perhaps the biggest factor in overturning an appeal. When your attorney is able to walk your case through the system and provide the experts and information to prove your injury claim, you will get the settlement you deserve under the guidelines.

Long Term Issues

In addition to thinking in the short term, these attorneys are also familiar with the long-term issues of work-related injuries. This could include full or partial disability, and this needs to be structured in your settlement. Payments may be provided in several different ways and understanding the pros and cons of each option will be important.

The key in Iowa City is to at least talk to workers’ compensation lawyers if you have any concerns about your cases, if you aren’t sure about the settlement offer, or if you have been denied a claim.

Without talking to an attorney, you may be walking away from the financial compensation you deserve. As these costs can be significant, this is not a mistake you want to make.

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