Three Defenses a Drug Possession Defense Lawyer in Radcliff KY Might Use

by | Oct 28, 2015 | Legal Services

Many people who are arrested and charged with possession of a drug wrongly assume they are going to be convicted, and there isn’t much that can be done. A drug charge is a serious matter that can impact the rest of their life. It’s important to not give up and to hire a Drug Possession Defense Lawyer in Radcliff KY as quickly as possible to try to have the charges dismissed or lowered. The following are three defenses a lawyer might use to help their client.

The Substance Isn’t an Illegal Drug

In some cases, a substance is determined to be an illegal drug in a field test but determined to be a harmless substance when retested in a laboratory setting. The defense lawyer can have the substance retested if the person is sure it wasn’t an illegal drug. If it turns out the field test was wrong, the charges may be dismissed based on a lack of evidence.

The Search or Seizure Was Illegal

There are strict laws that dictate how and when a search can be conducted as well as what can be seized during the search. The defense lawyer will look into this carefully to determine whether the search and seizure of evidence were done illegally. If it was, any evidence obtained as a result of the search could not be used as evidence against the person.

The Evidence is No Longer Available

The piece of evidence must be presented in court to be included as evidence against a person. It must follow strict guidelines for how it can be handled from the time it is located until the court hearing. If it is lost before the hearing or the chain of command has been broken, the evidence may not be able to be used any longer, and the charges may be dismissed as a result.

Most people don’t understand all of the intricate laws that can come into play with a simple drug possession charge. A Drug Possession Defense Lawyer in Radcliff KY does understand this and can use the above defenses, as well as others, to help their client have the charges dismissed, lowered, or to help them get a better outcome if they are found guilty. Visit website domain today to learn more.

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