Nash Disability Law Of Thomas Nash: Knowing Your Rights

by | Jul 18, 2013 | Lawyers

Nash Disability Law of Thomas Nash provides advice and solutions in terms of appealing social security disability decisions. In some cases, disability claims are denied based on lack of sufficient evidence or some guideline in which the claimant is unaware. A lawyer who practices within this field comprehends all guidelines and laws that apply to disability and the probability of receiving disability benefits.

The Social Security Disability Process

The original process for filing a claim with the Social Security Administration requires that you complete an application. Within this application, there are numerous questions related to your disability and which doctors have provided care for this disability. Within these sections you must list detailed information, including when the disability occurred originally.

You are required to gather information from your doctor or doctors who have treated this injury or disability. It is pertinent to supply the SSA with your medical records. However, this does not guarantee that you will not receive a denial of benefits.

How a Disability Lawyer Can Help

A disability lawyer will review your documentation, including the paperwork you receive notifying you with a reason as to why you were denied. The SSA is required to provide you with information based on why you were denied. If they fail to do so, a disability lawyer can request this information from them. He or she can determine which loopholes were used to deny you the benefits you require.

Refiling Your Claim

Once the disability lawyer determines where documentation was unclear or establishes exactly what you may have lacked within your original claim, he or she can refile a claim for you. The attorney will negotiate with the SSA to close any gaps that allow another denial and fight for your right to these benefits.

Thomas Nash

The Nash Disability Law of Thomas Nash allows the attorney to serve you with these cases. Mr. Nash and his staff comprehend the laws that govern social security disability. They are familiar with the appeal’s process and can refile your claim to receive social security benefits. To learn more about Thomas Nash and his law firm, you should visit his website to establish if these services are right for you.


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