Save Your Home With Help From A Bankruptcy Lawyer Laura Margulies & Associates LLC

by | Jul 29, 2013 | Lawyers

It may seem very much as if the foreclosure system is stacked against you. Banks aren’t necessarily going to be willing to work with you to try to keep you in your home, even if you have been a customer of theirs and have reliably sent payments for many years. Before you give up on the property as a lost cause, though, you should consult with a lawyer about your options. You may very well be able to work with a professional like those at Bankruptcy Lawyer at Laura Margulies & Associates LLC to save your home from foreclosure.

Since a mortgage is a loan that you take out with a home securing it, the bank has a legal right to foreclose if you fall behind on your payments. They sometimes push the limits of that right in ways that are very unfair to their customers, however. Some people have actually been assured by one division of a bank that they should stop making payments to qualify for a loan modification, and that they would be allowed to use these programs, while at the same time another division of the same bank was rushing to foreclose and to take over the property. While your bank may be much more honest than this, you have too much at stake to just assume that they are.

When you hire people like those at Bankruptcy Lawyer Laura Margulies & Associates LLC, you will have professional advice about what kind of steps you should take to protect your home and your financial security. If you are already in foreclosure, it is not too late. Bankruptcy Lawyer Laura Margulies & Associates LLC may be able to help you file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which would freeze the foreclosure process and give you an opportunity to make arrangements to get caught up on your payments so that you don’t have to lose the house.

Don’t assume that your home is a lost cause just because the bank is sending you paperwork saying that it will be taken. Talk to Bankruptcy Lawyer Laura Margulies & Associates LLC and get a professional opinion from someone who will be on your side.


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